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Songs We Play
-----------------   Experience matters   -----------------

Expansive Vocals, Hard-Charging Guitars, Commanding Bass Guitar, and 
THUMP of the Bass Drum gets people up and dancing!

One Trick Pony performs popular classic Rock n' Roll songs of the 60' ~ 90's.

Sample repertoire:

JENNY JENNY 867-5309 - Tommy Tutone

PINK CADILLAC - Bruce Springsteen


TWIST & SHOUT - Beatles

HURTS SO GOOD - John Mellencamp


BROWN EYED GIRL - Van Morrison

LOUIE LOUIE - Kingsman




GLORIA - Van Morrison

SOME KINDA WONDERFUL - Grand Funk Railroad


START ME UP - Stones

GIMME SOME LOVIN' - Spencer Davis Group



YOU WRECK ME - Tom Petty


I'M ON FIRE - Bruce Springsteen

WORKIN' FOR A LIVIN' - Huey Lewis & The News

And many more!

------   S t e l l a r   T a l e n t  w i t h  I n t e g r i t y   ------
About Us
-  Your Success is Our Success  -

• Ray Pena - Drums/Vocals - National Tours with Coasters, Drifters & others

• Scott Fluharty - Lead Guitar/Vocals - Formal Music Education

• Bud Olson - Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocal  - 30+ years Music

• Will Perkins - Bass/Vocals - Lifetime Professional Educator

• Gary Snyder - Audio - 'A' Circuit Tour Engineer  (Website below)
• Bill Asher - Lights - Graphic Design & Print Specialist

BUSINESS - Hiring One Trick Pony hires experience.
We will do all we can to help bolster your bottom line.

Your success is our success!
  •  6/1/2024 06:30 PM - 6/1/2024 09:30 PM
  •   2843 E Myrtle St Port Angeles, WA

Cover $8 Member, $10 Non Member. Saturday June 1st, 6:30~9:30PM. You may attend as a non-member either by sponsorship or following the rules. If you are not a member you may attend three times as a non-member. See attached document. A great and friendly deal. The paltry $10 cover charge for a non-member is well worth it. They have Costco pizza for $8 and other quick foods during band. Nice clean place.Call 360-362-1482 or Port Angeles Eagles -(360) 452-3344 with questions. A beautiful large room, sure to have a lot of fun.

  •  6/15/2024 07:00 PM - 6/15/2024 10:00 PM
  •   411 South 1st Street Shelton, WA 98584-2247

Private Event. No Cover. Are you family or friends with the band and would like to attend this private event? Call 360-362-1482 as we need your name to sponsor you in! 7~10PM, maybe later if Shelton audience is as cool as we know they are! For more info call (360) 426-0507

  •  7/6/2024 07:00 PM - 7/6/2024 10:00 PM
  •   404 East Young Street Elma, WA 98541-9080

Private Event. No Cover. ARE YOU family or friends with the band and would like to attend this private event? Call 360-362-1482 as we need your name to sponsor you in! 7PM ~10PM, maybe longer if you all yell loud enough. Will be a great time. More info call: (360) 482-2221

  •  8/17/2024 07:00 PM
  •   4215 SE Mile Hill Dr Port Orchard, WA 98366

Everybody's - (360) 443-2979. Food, drink, dance. Everyone is welcome at Everybody's. Top of Mile Hill Rd. in Port Orchard next to McDonalds. See you all there! 7PM ~ 11PM

  •  9/21/2024 08:00 PM
  •   805 4th Ave E, Olympia, WA 98506 Olympia, WA

Private Event - $7 member donation, Non-Members $10. ARE YOU family or friends with the band and would like to attend this private event? Call 360-362-1482 as we need your name to sponsor you in! Large room, big dance floor. Call 360-357-3722 for details. 8PM~12AM

  •  5/11/2024 07:15 PM - 5/11/2024 11:15 PM
  •   676 Ocean Shores Boulevard Northwest, Ocean Shores, Washington 98569

Private Event - 7:15~11:15PM. No Cover. ARE YOU family or friends with the band and would like to attend this private event? Call 360-362-1482 as we need your name to sponsor you in! Vacation party and local hot spot on the Pacific Ocean. For details call (360) 289-7914.

  •  5/4/2024 08:00 PM - 5/4/2024 11:00 PM
  •   403 Tracy Ave. Bremerton, Wa. 98311

Come one come all - Let's pack the HOUSE! Best food and great entertainment in Pacific Northwest. Call (360) 405-6768 for further details.

  •  4/27/2024 07:00 PM - 4/27/2024 11:00 PM
  •   Port Orchard4001 Jackson Avenue Southeast Port Orchard, WA 98366-1429

Private Event - MEMBERS - $7 donation, NON-MEMBERS $10. ARE YOU family or friends with the band and would like to attend this private event? Call 360-362-1482 as we need your name to sponsor you in! The fabulous Port Orchard Eagles! Great music entertainment, your fav beverage and eats. 7~11PM or? For more details call (360) 876-2338.

Setup & Production
Gary and Bill handle setup.

Inside, outside, small or large, your event is sure to be a success.

• A full-scale sound system.

• Thumping subwoofers.

• Comfortably loud Clarity.

• Lighting for each performer.

• Follow-spot.

The control center/mixing console is located within the audience area
just as you are familiar with from large concerts.

Show complexity dictates set-up time.

For details call Gary at 360-362-1482 or visit his website.

Q: Is your price point within my range?

A: Yes. After the details for your event are understood we will supply an affordable number. Duration, location, travel, etc. effect costs. 

Q: Can you accommodate a variety of ages and event spaces?

A: Yes. We welcome all ages and are equipped to accommodate a wide range of spaces indoors or out.

Q: Your setup is more sophisticated, why?

A: This is the way proper sound reinforcement is done. By adhering to long accepted industry standards the sound is best.

Q: Does the setup use minimal square footage?

A: MINIMAL, YES. From speakers to Control Center, our setup is well thought out and designed to use minimal square footage.

If Gary believes your area is better suited to a more compact arrangement than system 'A' he will use system 'B' as an alternative. 

Control Centers are located in audience area.

System 'B' Control Center

Q: Can you do a remote location performance?

A: Yes. We are self-contained with various methods available to obtain electrical service.

Q: You have a crew out front. WHY ?

A:   The crew must be able to hear and see the band to perform the job; Common sense. This location is the industry standard.

Q: Do you have a set-up for smaller areas?

A: YES. System 'B' suits small areas.

Q: Why an analog control center?

A: Analog is warmer sounding, control at the fingertips, with an enjoyable tactile component. "That legacy sound".  Audiences prefer the excitement of the 'Big concert-like' appearance.

Truth be told, It's part of our SHOW!

System 'A' Control Center

Q: Will the band take requests?

A: Absolutely! If the song is in the event set list we will play it. If not we will do our level best to play a song from our list from the same artist or of similar style.



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One Trick Pony

The Classic Rock n' Roll Show

- Bud
Talent Now
We are proud to be Rockin’ and Rollin’ our audiences better than ever.

One Trick Pony featuring the “Johnson Brothers” delivers a
high-caliber live performance music experience boasting expansive vocals, fluid guitar riffs, with a thumping danceable beat. Selections from the
60’s - 90’s assure you and your guests an outstanding occasion.

Whether your attendance transports you back to those “glory days” or our performance is a wholly new experience, expect a high-energy atmosphere of fun.

One Trick Pony

The Classic Rock n' Roll Show

- Scott

Weenie G. Butterbean Johnson

Lead Guitar, Keys, Harp, Vocals

Multi-talented, Scott prevails to lead indeed. His managerial life as a Grocer lends well to keeping the group focused and on point. He writes, arranges, and coaches, skills learned from playing throughout life. Scott holds a formal music education.

Blind Lemon lil' Willie Johnson

Lead Vocals, Guitar

Bud's been tied to music his entire life. A former electronic communications person, Bud can see music flowing through wires and air, an amazing talent. As the lead vocal, he is the Front Man. Bud masters this demanding position with grace and integrity.

Hammerhands Sweet Basil Woody Johnson

Drums, Vocals

Ray's history includes life as a national caliber musician. Ray has toured with The Drifters, The Coasters, and Steamin' Stan Ruffo to name a few. Born with a precise sense of time, he lays a tight beat, providing the Rock solid skill needed to Roll.

Mean Lean Snowpea Wily Willie Johnson

Bass Guitar, Vocals

A life in Education has clearly served Will well. Playing music combined with sailing makes for an articulate playing of the Bass Guitar. Will holds down the groove to make Rock n' Roll what it is.

One-Eye Wasabi Johnson

Audio Engineer/Production

Gary apparently doesn't know where to stop. Experienced in mechanical trades, real estate, pro-audio, and the medical field, he wears a number of hats. This broad skill helps assure, "The show must go on."

One Trick Pony

Classic Rock n' Roll Show

- Will

Marketing Video

An entertaining marketing video. 100mb file.


Digital copy of Promo Pak.


The Classic Rock n' Roll Show

- Ray
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