Q: Is your price point within my range?

A: Yes. After the details for your event are understood we will supply an affordable number. Duration, location, travel, etc. effect costs. 

Q: Can you accommodate a variety of ages and event spaces?

A: Yes. We welcome all ages and are equipped to accommodate a wide range of spaces indoors or out.

Q: Your setup is more sophisticated, why?

A: This is the way proper sound reinforcement is done. By adhering to long accepted industry standards the sound is best.

Q: Does the setup use minimal square footage?

A: MINIMAL, YES. From speakers to Control Center, our setup is well thought out and designed to use minimal square footage.

If Gary believes your area is better suited to a more compact arrangement than system 'A' he will use system 'B' as an alternative. 

Control Centers are located in audience area.

System 'B' Control Center

Q: Can you do a remote location performance?

A: Yes. We are self-contained with various methods available to obtain electrical service.

Q: You have a crew out front. WHY ?

A:   The crew must be able to hear and see the band to perform the job; Common sense. This location is the industry standard.

Q: Do you have a set-up for smaller areas?

A: YES. System 'B' suits small areas.

Q: Why an analog control center?

A: Analog is warmer sounding, control at the fingertips, with an enjoyable tactile component. "That legacy sound".  Audiences prefer the excitement of the 'Big concert-like' appearance.

Truth be told, It's part of our SHOW!

System 'A' Control Center

Q: Will the band take requests?

A: Absolutely! If the song is in the event set list we will play it. If not we will do our level best to play a song from our list from the same artist or of similar style.