Weenie G. Butterbean Johnson

Lead Guitar, Keys, Harp, Vocals

Multi-talented, Scott prevails to lead indeed. His managerial life as a Grocer lends well to keeping the group focused and on point. He writes, arranges, and coaches, skills learned from playing throughout life. Scott holds a formal music education.

Blind Lemon lil' Willie Johnson

Lead Vocals, Guitar

Bud's been tied to music his entire life. A former electronic communications person, Bud can see music flowing through wires and air, an amazing talent. As the lead vocal, he is the Front Man. Bud masters this demanding position with grace and integrity.

Hammerhands Sweet Basil Woody Johnson

Drums, Vocals

Ray's history includes life as a national caliber musician. Ray has toured with The Drifters, The Coasters, and Steamin' Stan Ruffo to name a few. Born with a precise sense of time, he lays a tight beat, providing the Rock solid skill needed to Roll.

Mean Lean Snowpea Wily Willie Johnson

Bass Guitar, Vocals

A life in Education has clearly served Will well. Playing music combined with sailing makes for an articulate playing of the Bass Guitar. Will holds down the groove to make Rock n' Roll what it is.

One-Eye Wasabi Johnson

Audio Engineer/Production

Gary apparently doesn't know where to stop. Experienced in mechanical trades, real estate, pro-audio, and the medical field, he wears a number of hats. This broad skill helps assure, "The show must go on."