Cover $8 Member, $10 Non Member. Saturday June 1st, 6:30~9:30PM. You may attend as a non-member either by sponsorship or following the rules. If you are not a member you may attend three times as a non-member. See attached document. A great and friendly deal. The paltry $10 cover charge for a non-member is well worth it. They have Costco pizza for $8 and other quick foods during band. Nice clean place.Call 360-362-1482 or Port Angeles Eagles -(360) 452-3344 with questions. A beautiful large room, sure to have a lot of fun.

  • Date: 6/1/2024 06:30 PM - 6/1/2024 09:30 PM
  • Location 2843 E Myrtle St Port Angeles, WA (Map)